Rutherford Laser Co.

Welcome to Rutherford Laser Co.! What started as an addition to our family business, is now Cheyenne's ability to provide for Montgomery as a single, stay at home mommy. We are proud to offer a unique collection of custom products you can't find just anywhere. While we are specialized in cowhide and leather products, you will see wood, acrylic and even authentic custom cattle tags! 

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Our Little Perfect Story

There is quite literally nothing else I love more than being a mama. I get it, every mom says that, but the moment I was blessed with him changed the trajectory of my life for the better.

I was working full-time as an accountant, a 2nd year grad student and had spent the majority of my life chasing accomplishments to fill a void of self-fulfillment. I wasn't happy and dedicated myself to my career because I thought it gave me a purpose and worth in my time on Earth.

It didn't.

During my pregnancy, I continued my Master's Program at WSU and mentally planned out how I was going to juggle being a working mom. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I was going to make it happen. I eventually settled on the idea of a hybrid schedule, alternating working from home and going into the office. This still didn't fix the issue of 60-80+ hour work weeks, but I figured it would just iron itself out.

Fast forward to the best day of my life, Monty arrived on Saturday evening. I will never forget the bliss, peace and harmony felt during those 48 hours in the hospital together. Any previous pain, hurting, anxiety and worry my heart felt seemed to melt in an instant.

Two days later and Monday comes - and reality came right behind. It was my very last first day of higher education, the final semester before I receive my MBA. Something I had been planning for years prior. Suddenly, I no longer cared. I no longer wanted another paper framed on the wall. I no longer wanted any title next to my name besides my recent and most accomplishing one - mama.

That very summer, my incredible mom pushed me to finish my degree. She held my sweet baby next to me while I cried working through assignments. You all know her as Caley, the Backroads Lady, the Fair Basket Lady, but Monty and I know her as Mimi. She has single handedly supported us every step of the way, from pregnancy, birth, and our daily lives. She is my co-parent, my business co-owner and my very own mom. (Her whole story is here)

So, why lasers? How did we skip from a corn dog accountant to lasers? (Yes, I was literally a cost accountant for corn dogs)

Mama Caley, of course!

The previous December she went to Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas during NFR. She picked up a couple new cowhide stockings they were BRANDED. This sparked an idea for us to bring custom work into the store.

I'll skip past the boring part of the story where I spent weeks researching steak brands and leather and how I determined this was my new career path on a whim. Again, I had absolutely no idea how I was going to pay for diapers and health insurance by branding cowhide purses and bags, but I was determined.

I settled on a set, ordered a ton of leather scraps and told my mom I was ready to invest. She stopped me and said "why don't you buy a laser instead?" I was shocked. Are you insane? I don't know anything about lasers, I have no where to put it, and that is a significantly more expensive investment.

I bought the laser. And then two more, and the wish list of new laser babies are now growing.

Now? I still don't entirely know what I am doing, but I am happier than ever. I have such a beautiful, special little boy that I have the privilege to watch blossom in front of me. I never miss any important moments with him. And while I still work insane hours, they are all around his schedule. 90% of my work is done while he sleeps, and I am so grateful.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for giving me a life I could have only dreamed of. Every dollar you spend with us, keeps me home. It keeps me present and that in itself is priceless.

Find your purpose, lean into it and watch yourself make incredible things happen.