About Us

Our Story

Backroads Home & Gift is founded by our Owner, Caley Rutherford. Caley (like Cali, not Kaylee) has almost 24 years of experience in not only retail, but as a wife, mom, mimi, daughter and friend. She knows how to find the perfect gift for your special occasion while soothing your baby in her arms while you shop.

Caley began her journey as an entrepreneur in 2000 when she decided she wanted to stay home with her babies full time. If you have been around from the beginning, you remember her garage sale, flea market, auctions, eBay and Craigslist days. She started out with the resale of others' items (way before it became popular) and eventually branched out to refinishing furniture. (*cough cough* Not Too Shabby ring a bell? Her first real business!) She then started her journey downtown Turlock, where she had her presence in three stores over the course of the years. Two of those stores she helped build up to be the Main Street retail giants they are today, but in 2020 she began her new and ultimate journey, Backroads.

Just steps away from where we live, Caley has created her dream come true. She has put together a wonderful storefront in the place she loves most, home. She has her husband, girls, mom and grandson at her fingertips while she works. Backroads has transformed into a business for more than just herself. Her mom, owner of Donna Reeves Designs, has her handmade crystal jewelry showcased within these walls. Her daughter Cheyenne launched Rutherford Leather Co. to try her hand at being a single, stay at home mommy. We truly have it all!

She sources as many local, handcrafted and USA-Made treasures for everyone to enjoy. Caley strives to provide the experience of a small- business with making each supporter of Backroads feel special and appreciated. From shipping to custom gift wrapping, we are dedicated to making you feel like you are part of our family—no matter where you are in the world.

Her heart is just as big as her passion for Backroads, as giving back to her community is her favorite accomplishment besides her family. We don’t really like to use the word “customers” around here, because Caley sees everyone that comes through her doors (or if you are reading this, clicking through) as extended friends and family. Whether you have been along for the journey of Backroads Home & Gift or are just getting started... welcome. We hope you are okay with a lot of laughs, jokes and maybe a little bit of a non-traditional, unpolished take on shopping. Since we are family now... we can assure you, we love you more 💙