Fundraise For Your Organization With Us

Calling all schools, organizations and community causes!

We are so happy to announce our new fundraising program. It is simple and streamlined. We design a hat or few (three designs max), and we list it live on the website. You will be provided with high quality images of your chosen designs, and all you have to do is market to your supporters. No need to collect money, forms or even pass out inventory. We take care of it start to finish. The best part? Your organization leaves with 30% of all revenue generated at the end of your fundraising period.

The Nitty Gritty Details

How does it work?

To sum it up: we come up with a design together, we pick a fundraising timeline, we make the listing live on our website, and you drive your supporters to the listing! We will provide a QR code, link, images and anything you need to share on social media or make flyers. Note, we will not be providing physical flyers for you, only digital copies. You are welcome to print and replicate the flyers.

How long is the turnaround time?

While normal orders are 1-3 business days, fundraising will be a bit delayed. This has to do with the allocation of materials both during and after the fundraising period. As a general guideline, all fundraiser orders will be completed within 7 business days of the conclusion of your fundraiser. *Note, turnaround timelines will vary depending on the quarter of the year it takes place. Such as, holidays and busy seasons will cause extended delays.

What do we need to get started?

A high quality, black and white file of your logo or chosen design. Don't have a design? No worries! Provide me with as much detail as possible and we can make something beautiful.

What colors are available?

Honestly, a lot. We typically recommend staying with a neutral cap color such as a black, grey and the like, to encourage a higher purchasing rate from your supporters. However, if you want to be decked out in school colors, let's do it!

How much can we fundraise?

As much as you want! You will make 30% off of your sales generated for your specific product during your fundraising period.

How long is the fundraising period?

This is up to you, but somewhere between 7-21 days. I do not recommend going beyond 21 days, as there will be no sense of "urgency" for your supporters, and the fact we cannot always guarantee materials for your requested color selections to remain in stock.

Is this a drop shipping hat company?

NOPE! Our custom hats offered at Backroads Home and Gift are 100% made in-house by our very own Cheyenne. From the designing, to patches and hat pressing, all of your custom hats will be made by our own hands.

How will our supporters receive their purchases?

Your supporters are welcome to decide upon checkout. There is an option for free local pickup at our showroom in Denair, CA. Or, we will happily package and ship their order at their cost. Note-the shipping cost associated with any of your fundraising orders will not be factored into your 30% commission.

What if supporters change their mind?

ALL SALES RELATED TO FUNDRAISING ARE FINAL. However, if there is an issue with an order or is defective, please let us know immediately. This is very unlikely as all of our hats and products are hand crafted in-house.

Can we do other products besides hats?

Sure! Send us an email to discuss other products to fundraise with. Keep in mind, the commission may vary depending on product price points.

Wanna get started?

Send an email to to start your fundraising process!